'BUCKWILD' Poll: Is Shain Or Tyler A Better Fit For Cara?

Whether she's hiking in West Virginia's backwoods or strutting down Fifth Avenue in New York City, Cara's bound to turn heads. So, it comes as no surprise that the men of "BUCKWILD" are already drooling over the country beauty. Shain and Tyler both made it clear they had the hots for the West Virginia University student on tonight's premiere episode, but the question is: Are either of them even right for her? And, if so, who's the better fit?

Shain, who doesn't seem to have a bad bone in his body, tried to charm Cara with some innocent flirting on a four-wheeler. As if that wasn't sweet enough, he plucked at her heartstrings even more when he gave her a bouquet of handpicked flowers. Tyler, who told his pal he was also going after Cara, used his pretty-boy looks to win her over. But it wasn't until his biceps cuddled an innocent puppy in front of her at a party that he gained the lead (less than twenty TV minutes later, he gained entry to her underthings). "If I could take [Shain's] personality and put it in Tyler's body, we'd be good to go," Cara said. If only...

+ Tell us what you think! Who's more up Cara's alley?

Shain and Tyler both like Cara. Who's a better fit?

  • Shain. Cara needs a guy with a fun spirit.
  • Tyler. Cara is a bombshell and needs a clean-cut guy.

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