Rob Dyrdek's Fans Wear Their Hearts On Their Hoodies [Photo]

 Rob's #1 fans rocking their awesome hoodies.

If you thought "Jersey Shore" fans were dedicated (remember all those tribute videos?), then Rob Dyrdek's following is definitely giving guidos everywhere a run for their money. First, a super fan wrote a "Ridiculousness" rap, and now two of Rob's biggest lady fans are wearing signature sweatshirts to show their support for the MTV superstar.

"@robdyrdek <3 <3 MOST AMAZING SWEATER EVER MADE!!!!!!," tweeted Paige, who is a self-proclaimed skateboard and Rob Dyrdek lover, according to her Twitter bio. And just like Hbizzle's rap got Rob's attention, Rob also gave Paige props for her customized clothing, replying, "@PaigeUtterback these are amazing! Thank you." Within minutes she was ready with a response, saying, "@robdyrdek my life is now complete! (more so if I was lucky enough to meet you)." Dyrdek fans everywhere can purchase their own I <3 Rob hoodies online at!

+ Pauly D's most memorable fan, Vanessa, may have paid homage to the DJ's trademark star with a unique hairstyle, but these gals took it upon themselves to make it known that they <3 Rob with matching hoodies. So, do you think Rob's fans have some other MTV fandoms beat? Let us know!

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Photo: @PaigeUtterback