'BUCKWILD' Sneak Peek: All's Fair In Love And Dump Truck Pool Parties

We've been biting our lips and clenching our jaws, but we can't hold it back any longer: ARE YOU READY TO GET "BUCKWIIIIILD"?! Tonight, the Southern rabble-rousers will take MTV by storm. With cheating woes, eviction scares and a dump truck morphed into a pool (yuuuuuup!) on the horizon, the sneak peek of the first two episodes below is proof that your Thursday nights will never be the same. YEE HAW!

Though the crew has two tire-riding, flame-throwing free spirits in Shain and Joey, it's not all fun and games for the rest of 'em. When Cara crosses Anna and the group turns the fighting toward one another, the girls' tiff is just a hint of the mud-slinging to come. Plus, Anna's nasty fight with an irritated neighbor might be why the girls get kicked out of their home in Charleston. Can the party live on once they're evicted? Let's hope so!

Check out the clip, gather everyone up and down the holler, and tune in for back-to-back episodes when "BUCKWILD" premieres tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

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