Old Friends And New Relationships Don't Mix In 'Washington Heights' [Sneak Peek]

When a group of friends has known each other for a long time, there's bound to be a fight or two. But... when that group of friends is the "Washington Heights" crew, drama (and hair pulling) is going to crop up on every street corner--just like in the extended sneak peek below from the new series.

The good news is, this clique of Type A personalities is more likely to fight hard and forgive (like family) than let arguments cause rifts in their friendships. That's why cavalier convos about past hookups are no big deal, like JP going over how he "made out with everybody in the group," including Frankie and Reyna. But not everyone is on good terms. Jimmy's girlfriend, Eliza--an outsider to the group--can't seem to gel with anyone except her man, which puts a strain on the relationship. "I'm not f***ing Dr. Phil over here, Jimmy," Eliza tells him about her inability to get along with his crew.

Is there room for one more at the "Washington Heights" table? "We always come together like family," JP says at the end of the clip--let's hope that holds true! Check out the full video below for even more "Washington Heights" drama, and don't forget to tune in for the premiere, January 9 at 10/9c on MTV!

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