A Real, Live Beast Takes The 'Teen Wolf' Set By Storm [Photo]

"No animals were harmed on the set" is a disclaimer you're used to seeing after animal-heavy movies and TV episodes air. But now that a live wolf is running rampant around "Teen Wolf" territory, let's hope the same applies to the humans! While the cast and crew are in the thick of filming Season 3, the hands behind the series' Tumblr page recently shared this jubilant photo of Tyler Posey (joined by the lovely Holland Roden) howling with a new furry friend. Beware the bite, guys!

"Why are Tyler and Holland playing with a REAL LIVE WOLF? You’ll have to wait and see…" the caption to the photo teases. Does this mean the "change" could involve a full man-to-animal shift when we return to Beacon Hills? Sounds sort of painful--and a little bit time-consuming. But hey: Anything's better than that damn Kanima.

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