Pauly D And Jay Sean Will Drop New Single 'Back To Love' This January!

If you're at all anxious about the uncertainties that come with a new year, one thing is set in stone for 2013--Pauly D will release a new track called "Back To Love" with Brit-phenom Jay Sean. A US/UK duo? Something new to pump our fists to? Looks like Christmas actually comes twice a year!

"Who's excited to hear my new single?" the "Jersey Shore" star recently tweeted, to which Jay Sean simply replied, "Ummm...ME!" The pals confirmed the track will be out on January 15th, which should give you guys just enough time to commit the bass line to memory before Spring Break (...actually, who are we kidding--you'll have it memorized by the 16th). Either way, we definitely expect great things from the 50 Cent-signed DJ, whose debut album we're veeeeeery eagerly awaiting.

+ Excited for the latest from Pauly D?! Sit tight for "Back To Love," and tell us what you think of Pauly D's newly announced collaboration!

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