Aubree And Chelsea Dive Head First Into The World Of Potty Training [Sneak Peek]

Man, they grow up so fast. First walking, then talking and now potty training! Next thing you know, the "Teen Mom 2" tots will be headed to the DMV for their licenses!

In this sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode, Chelsea's ready to help Aubree make the big toilet plunge. Up first: the right potty. Aubs wants one outfitted with ducks (because ducks are the best) but sadly the store is out. Instead, they settle on a cute lime green seat just begging for a little girl's bum. Next step: potty chart. Chelsea goes into full mommy-mode and sets up a system to track her daughter's progress. "So we can give her, like, a star or something every time she goes," she explains to a friend. But stars aren't in the cards, as Aubs flips the thing over with an obstinate, "I don't want a potty chair." Guess it's back to the drawing board! Maybe try Amazon for one with ducks on it?

Check out the sneak peek below:

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