K-Cav Gets Called Out For Pumping Breast Milk In An Airport Bathroom

Kristin Cavallari heads out of NBC in NYC earlier this year.

Angry Birds, fantasy football, the latest tabloids--we've all got our own special ways of passing the time while waiting out the dreaded flight delay. However, new mother Kristin Cavallari takes the cake for finding the most practical use of that dead terminal time. While trapped in an airport over the holiday season, the former "Hills" leading lady took it upon herself to whip out the ol' breast pump to prep a meal for her son, Camden. That is some initiative! We can't even bring ourselves to organize our iTunes playlists in the terminal, let alone do anything actually productive.

"Well..being delayed at the airport helped me get a lot done," Kristin tweeted yesterday, while stuck in the no-fly zone. "Nails and pumping in the bathroom. Good times." The announcement didn't sit too well with one particular social media fan, though, who responded with a succinct "you're gross." K-Cav, true to form, didn't back down. "Yeah I know, breast-feeding is DISGUSTING," she fired back. Don't mess with this mommy!

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Photo: Santi/Splash News