Check Out The First Behind-The-Scenes Footage From 'Teen Wolf' Season 3! [Video]

Our weekly "Teen Wolf" Teasers usually feature photos alluding to Season 3 themes and storylines, but Houston, we now have video! Behold the behind-the-scenes clip below, which serves as your first in-motion look at the new episodes. We can already hear you howling with delight!

"Welcome to Season 3 of 'Teen Wolf,' first day of filming! Merry Christmas," Tyler Posey shouts in the video before we're ushered into the walls of Beacon Hills High. Merry Christmas, indeed. From Allison and Lydia walking the halls, to Scott, Stiles and Derek checking out some sinister-looking stuff, the whole gang is back in school--including some fresh faces, like Ethan and Aiden.

Posey and onscreen sidekick Dylan O'Brien also sit down to read each other fan mail about their characters. Dylan's letter points out how Stiles is "like, the only human there with no actual skills." Uh, you don't count perfect comic timing and really good hair as skills? Nonsense!

For more fan letters (including a message about Ty-Po's weird wolf-jaw) and an in-depth look at next season, check out the video!

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