Kailyn Shares How She Finally Found Support From Family [Video]

Kailyn's relationship with her mom has always been touch-and-go, and because she's been let down by her so often, the headstrong young mother usually refuses any help from others. But it seems like the "Teen Mom 2" cast member is ready to take back her stance on self-reliance now that she's gotten to know her family in Texas.

On last night's "Teen Mom 2: A Closer Look," host SuChin Pak asked Kailyn about her decision to get in touch with her estranged family. "I know that asking for help or reaching out isn't on top of your list," SuChin pointed out about Kail's uncharacteristic move. And while Kail agreed with SuChin's observation, she said that her courage definitely paid off. "It was nice to feel, like, wanted by my family," she explained. "And I hadn't known them for 18 years prior, so it was a really good feeling."

Kailyn, someone who has been so alone at various points in her life, was able to let her guard down and form a connection with her cousin and sister, and it's clear that she will be stronger with their love and support. Check out the "Closer Look" clip below to hear more about these new bonds.

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