Could Vinny Guadagnino's Post-'Shore' Plans Include Politics?

Future Capitol Hill-rusher Vinny Guadagnino in New York City earlier this year.

He's hinted at a future in practicing law, but is Vinny Guadagnino ready for cutthroat Capitol Hill? The "Jersey Shore" alum recently told TMZ that he's got dreams of someday diving face-first into the pool of American governance. Does this mean that "Jersey Shore Shark Attack" will stand as Vinny's only foray into acting? We sure hope not!

"I want to get involved in politics," Vin said after soaking in some Hollywood nightlife earlier this week. "I know this sounds weird stumbling coming out of a club... but I actually have a brain." No doubts here, and we're sure his ol' pal Deepak Chopra would agree. Hopefully, though, getting a JD won't mean the end of summers in Seaside Heights. Even the most buttoned-up suits have gotta let their hair down every now and again!

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Photo: JB Nicholas/Splash News