Kailyn Tries (And Fails) To Feed A Very Squirmy Isaac [Bonus Scene]

Even the most well-behaved babies have some pretty out of control moments, and Kailyn finds that out the hard way in this bonus scene from the most recent "Teen Mom 2." Her typically docile son, Isaac, is not having any of the discipline (or food) she's dishing out, and instead is more concerned with acting adorably nuts!

"You're being a wild animal," Kail tells Isaac as he screams "NUMMY!" and flails his arms around in his high chair. But that's only the beginning. When she tries to give him a banana, he does everything but eat it. And when she decides to take him out of the chair, thinking that'll finally calm him down, he simply rolls around on the floor like he's training for the Men's 2028 Olympic gymnastic team.

"Are you practicing your temper tantrums for the terrible twos?" Kail asks her restless munchkin. His answer? More rolling. Check it out:

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