That's What You Said...About 'The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons' Finale

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Team San Diego took 1st place in "The Challenge," but did they deserve the prize? We posed that question earlier this week after the show's finale aired, and, man, you guys didn't mince your words. Some defended the winning team and their unorthodox methods (like the boys' drill sergeant treatment of Sam). Others thought Zach and Frank were too harsh, and that Brooklyn and Las Vegas were more deserving of the top spot. Either way, you really gave us something to ponder.

Collected below is a mix of fan input plucked from Remote Control and Facebook. Take a look, tell us what you think about the show's verdict and share your final comments about "Battle of the Seasons"!

Remote Control:

"If I had been yelled at as much as Frank and Zach yelled at Sam, I would have sat my ass down and just waited. No amount of money is worth what they put her through." -- evlangelfire89

"Frank irritates me, and he keeps trying to defend himself. There's no defending yourself, buddy." -- Rosio


"I'm so happy that San Diego won, they f***ing deserved it. People, get over it. Frank pushed Sam in the back and yelled at her, and to be honest, she kind of needed that to keep her going. I'm not saying it was right, but it was needed in that case." -- Doran P.

"Sarah and Chet deserved to win. Devyn, you are the worst player ever when it came to 'The Challenge.' This was the easiest looking challenge of all and you cost your team the entire win." -- Karen M.

"Although the team that won was the team I didn't want to win, I will say that this was probably the best final when it came to overall competition. Every team spent time in first place." -- Hank C.

"I wish Vegas won, but at least they came in second!" -- Christine J.

"I was disappointed that Brooklyn didn't win. Sarah deserves a win. She is smart, nice and athletic." -- Sandy B.

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