'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Was It Fair For Corey To Stir Up Old Emotions In Leah?

Despite having a very full plate, things have been going well for Leah on "Teen Mom 2" lately. She's moving on from her divorce with Corey, and her new boyfriend Jeremy is shaping up to be everything she could have ever wanted and more. He's got a solid job, treats Leah -- and her girls -- like gold, and on tonight's episode, he was given the stamp of approval by her family. What could possibly go wrong?

Jealousy sure is a mother. Even though Corey said he was okay with Leah's new relationship, the reality of the situation didn't hit him until he saw her and Jeremy together. It caused him to question their divorce, and he texted his ex to say he missed what they had before.

This can of worms only got wormier when the two met up to discuss their feelings. Leah, who thought she was finally happy, began to second guess Jeremy in light of Corey's confession. By the end of the episode, she was teary-eyed and confused, unsure of her next step.

+ Tell us: Was it fair for Corey to stir up old emotions in Leah? Take the poll!

Should Corey have told Leah he still has feelings for her?

  • No! It's too late, he should let her be happy.
  • Definitely, his feelings matter too!

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