MTV Twitter Roundup: A 'Teen Mom' And A Band Geek Turn 21

Someone bust out the cake! Jillian Rose Reed and Jenelle Evans both rang in their 21st birthdays this week. Jillian's legality was honored with some Solo cups, gifted from her "Awkward" co-star Desi Lydic. Jenelle, on the other hand, received flowers and some belly button-bedazzlement from her new husband. As far as 21st birthdays go, that sounds about right!

Elsewhere on the web this week, Kristin Cavallari considered the Mayans may have been right about that whole apocalypse thing. Sadly, Lauren Conrad put an end to her relationship with Instagram (BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE FITZ SNAPSHOTS?!) after the app's controversial new privacy policy was released. And after catching wind of her trash-talking Brooklyn teammates during the "Battle Of The Seasons" finale, Devyn took to Twitter with some fighting words. Ouch! She's truly not one to be messed with...

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Photos courtesy of Matthias Clamer and @j_evans8209