A Fan's 'Ridiculousness' Rap Goes Viral!

Rapper HBizzle "doing dope thangz" on set with Rob Dyrdek.

Look out, Chanel West Coast, you've got competition! Someone else is bustin' out on the scene: "Ridiculousness" fan and aspiring rapper HBizzle. Rob Dyrdek and the crew invited the super fan to attend a taping for a special meet and greet, and rubbing elbows with his idols left HBizzle feeling inspired. He penned a track about his time on the set that could easily battle Chanel's cookie number.

The song, posted on SoundCloud, introduces the MTV hit as "everybody's favorite show," and HBizzle shamelessly asks for a seat on the red couch. "Shout out to the homie, Rob, man I really need a job," he spits. Regardless of whether the rap is enough to get him a spot in the crew, the flow would make a pretty good intro tune for the series. What do you say, Rob? New theme song?

+ Listen to the rap below, and let us know what you think!

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Photo: @HBizzle252