Congrats Are In Order: Danielle Fishel Is Now A College Grad!

Danielle advocating education at the Points Honors Gala in 2010. 

While Danielle Fishel has already worn the cap and gown as her uber smart onscreen counterpart, Topanga, she never got the chance to experience it for real--until now! The 31-year-old starlet just completed school after deciding to go back once and for all. Werk it, girl!

The "Girl Meets World" mom-to-be said age held her back at first. "I was too afraid of being the old lady in class, of being whispered about, and especially of not remembering how to do simple math equations," she confessed on her Tumblr. However, we think any whispers would have been caused by Topanga sitting in the class (any 90's kid's dream!), not the fact that Danielle is older than the average college kid.

She stuck it out for four years, and still managed to keep her acting and hosting career flourishing. The former host of "The Dish" took part-time classes (where she met her fiancé) during her stint with the Style Network. In the openly honest essay, she shared some words of encouragement for any struggling student: "Stick it out. Persevere. You’ll be so thankful you did. I know I am."

Read the full, inspiring confession here and catch daily episodes of "Boy Meets World" during "Old School Afternoons" on MTV2.

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Photo: Duffy-Marie Alnout for Getty Images