Spoke Too Soon! Sammi And Ronnie Have One Last 'Shore' Fight [Sneak Peek]

There's no saying what will happen on tonight's "Jersey Shore" finale. However, there is one thing we can count on: Sammi and Ron won't leave Seaside Heights without going apesh** on each other. After telling their respective parents that they have plans to move in together, Sam and Ron go rounds in the sneak peeks below. Suddenly, all those strange, placid relationship waters the couple's been treading lately swell into the big ol' tsunami we--and the rest of the cast--knew was coming.

"We've been waiting for a Ron and Sam fight all year!" Pauly D says. Then he grabs some snacks for the big show. The couple sits down to hash out one particularly bad day, and the gloves come off over...pranking? "I wanna be with a woman that says, 'You know what? I f***ed up, I'm sorry,'" Ron says after falling victim to one of the Sweetheart's pranks. "We have one more day left. I don't f***ing care if I ever see you ever the f*** again." Yikes! So maybe they shouldn't break the lease on their old places just yet...

+ Tell us: Is this the end for Ron and Sam (...for real, this time), or is this just another spin on the SamRon Ferris Wheel? And make sure you tune in to the "Jersey Shore" finale at 10/9c, followed by the LIVE reunion special at 11!

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