Pauly And Ronnie Fold Their Last Batch Of Shore Store T-Shirts [Sneak Peek]

Tonight is the night, you guys. The final "Jersey Shore" episode...EVER! In this sneak peek, the gang clocks in one last time at the Shore Store, and their fearless leader and landlord, Danny, has mixed emotions about it. "I'm fighting back the tears right now," he says of their final shift. "Tears of JOY!"

While Ron and Pauly D fold their final (yes, FINAL!) batch of "Cabs are here!" tees, Ronnie wonders why, after all the horrible things they've done to him, Danny continues to hire them every summer. "We flipped your house inside out," he says. "Almost burnt it down at least three to four times, left it smelling like a lobster's vagina..." Well, when you say it all at once, it does sound pretty bad. Yet, despite all that, Danny says he really does love them all--except Mike, who is more likely to flirt than work while on the clock. And the feeling seems mutual. "I will not miss Danny riding me at the Shore Store," Mike says. Awww, come on you two. Can't you just hug it out before you part ways?

For more of the cast's Shore Store farewells, check out the full sneak peek below. The beginning of the end starts tonight with the series finale at 10/9c, followed by a LIVE reunion at 11/10c. You won't want to miss it!

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