'Battle Of The Seasons' Finale Poll: Should Team San Diego Have Won?

The deal is done! Team San Diego, the "Battle Of The Seasons"' resident powerhouse, has officially come out on top. Which proves that a team comprised of combustible hotheads can be victorious. Brooklyn and Las Vegas gave the foursome a hell of a run for their money, but in the final stretch, the rookies were first to scale the final dune and collected the $250,000 check they'd been fighting for since the start. But did they deserve it?

Devyn, JD, Sarah and Chet had a lead through the first day of the final challenge, but when they couldn't get a hang of "Get Tired," their stronghold over the race faltered, and they never quite recovered. And though Dustin and Trishelle gave San Diego a fight in the final push on Day 2, they were no match, either. Ultimately, San Diego nabbed the win. Despite Frank pushing Sam into the ground just before the finish line ("The one thing in my head in this moment is f*** you," she said after the fact), the team came together long enough to succeed. As Ashley put it: "We've just proven to everybody--you can be very dysfunctional, but you can still win!"

+ Did San Diego deserve the big money? Take our poll, and tell us what you think in the comments below!

Was Team San Diego The Right Winner?

  • Absolutely!
  • No, should have been Team BK.
  • No, should have been Team Vegas.
  • No, it should have been an eliminated team.

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