Corey's Jealous Of Leah's New Relationship [Sneak Peek]

Well, it had to happen eventually. In this sneak peek from Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2", Corey and Jeremy--Leah's new beau--are re-introduced for the first time since they started dating, and it's puh-retty awkward.

Jeremy joins Leah as she meets Corey to hand off the girls, and after a short greeting, the three just kind of stand around in the rain for a bit before fleeing the scene. Yikes, uncomfortable situation, party of three! The next day, Corey's face and demeanor say it all: He's more upset about it than he thought he'd be. As he and his dad discuss it, Corey says, "I didn't think she'd move on that fast." His dad's surprised by the news. Hadn't he just been caught talking to a girl a few episodes ago? Surely he'd be over it by now! But the reality of Leah moving on after their whirlwind relationship hits him hard.

"I miss u and our family," he texts her later that night. "Huh??" she responds, caught off guard. "Sorry. I just had to tell u. I know ur happy now and don't want to get in the way," he finishes off. Ohhh boy, just when we thought they were both past the hard stuff...

+ Check out Corey's complete reaction to Jeremy, and don't forget to watch an all-new "Teen Mom 2" on Monday at 10/9c.

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