'Teen Wolf' Teaser: Dylan, Tyler And The Twins Are Looking Hot! [Photo]

"Teen Wolf" fans are some of the most needy--in a good way, of course--in MTV history. Clues about characters and story lines are as crucial to you as H2O, and with Season 3 still months away from its premiere, you've been feeling thirstier than ever. Luckily, executive producer Jeff Davis realizes that sharing is caring, so every week leading up to the kickoff he'll be releasing one teaser about the upcoming episodes. Check out the latest below!

Dylan O'Brien, Max Carver, Charlie Carver and Tyler Posey doing their best boy band impression.

Well, well, well. The newbies are looking pretty fit, aren't they? That's probably because Max and Charlie Carver have been hitting the gym hard with Hollywood trainer Tony Wisniewski (the same guy who trained Tyler Posey) to get in shape. You know, juuuust in case Ethan and Aiden run into any trouble in Beacon Hills (wink!).

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Photo: "Teen Wolf" Assistant Director, @JZtheFilmmaker