The Top 5 LOL-worthy Moments From 'Hip Hop Squares'

This season, "Hip Hop Squares" has made us a teensy bit wiser and laugh a lot harder by turning the classic game show upside-down. When you mix tic-tac-toe with tricky trivia and some of the most familiar faces in the hip hop world, you're bound to get answers that would make even "Hollywood Squares" OG Whoopi Goldberg blush! Whether it's the stars scoffing at contestants or simply goofing during the game, there were tons of great moments this season. We managed to narrow down the five best vids that cracked us up for your viewing pleasure. Relive the hilarity, below:

J.B. Smoove Calls Out His "Tenants" (Episode 14): 

Some of the show's questions are worth a bit of pondering, so it's no wonder J.B. Smoove needs a minute to think in this clip. When he's reminded by host Peter Rosenberg and his fellow contestants that it's only a 30-minute show, J.B. quickly quiets the bunch by staking his claim as their landlord. A few foot stomps later and the boss man has everyone in check.

Donnell Rawlings Can't Say Machine Gun Kelly's Name (Episode 15):

They're sitting in the same row, so you'd think Donnell would know MGK by now. But when Peter asks him a question about the inked rapper, the "Guy Code" know-it-all can't seem to get MGK's name right! So, he calls him like he sees him: "Crazy ass white boy!"

DJ Khaled Has Some Words Of Wisdom (Episode 16):

Throughout the show, the comedians are quick to pick on one another, but sometimes, even contestants can't catch a break. After a streak of wrong answers, DJ Khaled tells contestant Larry to listen up or lose another round. You can't argue with the man! He really knows his dinosaurs.

Lil Duval Thinks A Contestant Is A Little Nuts (Episode 18):

The man who rocks a diamond toilet chain thinks one contestant is a little cray-cray. Lil Duval calls Sandy "cuckoo" for thinking she can make a comeback from a horrible loss. Hey, anything can happen in the final round. Don't let Duval get ya down, Sandy!

Donnell Rawlings Becomes Rasta (Episode 19):

Did you know Donnell was Jamaican? Neither did we! The comedian channels his best Caribbean accent for a question about jerk chicken. Guess you can never really know what--or how--words are going to come out of a celebrity's mouth.

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