The 'BOTS' Challengers Are Ready For Their Reunion Close-ups [Photos]

Alton: Buddies with Sarah once again?

It's all going down tonight! After the three remaining "Battle Of The Seasons" teams trudge through the Namibian desert in a race toward the (HUGE) final prize, they'll sit down for an even tougher trial: the reunion special's infamous s***-slinging. At 11/10c on MTV, Teams Brooklyn, Las Vegas and San Diego--as well as the game's final few casualties--will hash out the season's most tense moments and, very likely, try to rip each other's heads off.

After glancing at some exclusive photos from tonight's reunion, it seems Alton and Sarah--who'd sworn each other off after initially making a connection on "Battle Of The Seasons"--are back on good terms. It also looks like Marie's forgiven Dustin for getting her eliminated. The two look happy as clams! On the style front, Trishelle and Devyn are all glammed up, while Chet really went for it with a store's supply worth of denim. That is, uh... that is somethin'! These folks might all be smiling now, but just you wait...

+ Check out the photos, and be sure to tune in for the "Battle Of The Seasons" finale at 10/9c, followed immediately by the reunion at 11!

Team Brooklyn takes some selfies on the couch.

Marie and the Las Vegas gentleman who sent her home. No poor sport here!

Team Dark Blue has got a lot of look going on. Do we spot a Canadian Tuxedo?

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Photos: Jennine Cusimano

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