The Thought Of 'Jersey Shore' Coming To An End Has Two Fans Near Tears [Video]

Take a look at that Snooki bow!

We expected some celebratory fist-pumps and commemorative poufs to pop up as "Jersey Shore" comes to a close, but we honestly didn't know the show could actually bring people to tears. Two super fans react to the show's curtain call in clips straight from our Facebook video collection below. As we watch the water well up in their eyes, the nostalgia becomes all too clear. Somebody get these girls some tissues!

"Y'all are amazing," a fan says in the first clip, as she struggles to put her feelings into words. "I love y'all." She shares how "Jersey Shore" inspires her to no end, and how everything from the cast's laughing fits to their fashion sense have influenced her daily routine. "I'm even rockin' what I call my Snooki bow," she proclaims. With that Southern drawl of hers, we think she may be happy to know the "BUCKWILD" premiere is right around the corner! Matching her sadness, a second fan sounds equally as devastated that she can no longer hang with Seaside Heights' finest each week. "It was perfect," she says. It really, really was.

+ Check out the clips below, and remember to share your farewell on Facebook if you have any parting words!

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