DIY Expert Lauren Conrad Is Nominated For A Streamy Award!

Lauren Conrad at a book signing in October.

Praise Pinterest! MTV's very own Lauren Conrad was honored with a Streamy Award nomination in the "DIY or How-To Series" category for "Crafty Creations." Congrats, LC! Your series has come a long way since that whole book snafu...

The "Hills" star is no stranger to the world wide web of crafting and making things look oh-so-beautiful. She's made quite a name for herself as a sort of guru on the subject--like an Internet-age Martha Stewart--with clever ways to decorate your home, hair, nails, dog, life, etc. We're not surprised to see her chic web series getting some accolades! The presentation alone--soft music with quick and simple instruction--is enough to make you want to bust out your hot glue gun and slap together a gorgeous table decoration... that doubles as a wine carafe... that triples as a vase. We're feeling more artistic just thinking about it!

+ If you're not familiar with LC's post-MTV foray into the DIY game, check out one of her videos below, in which she shows us how to make an earring holder out of a cheese grater--how does she come up with these clever crafts!?

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Photo: Splash News