Fans Thank 'Jersey Shore' For Bringing The Nation To Its 'Gorilla Knees' [Video]

It's sad, but true. "Jersey Shore" is approaching its TV-expiration date. But, when you think about the show's six seasons, dozens of catch phrases and many millions of viewers, it's safe to say the guidos and guidettes of Seaside Heights will remain in our cultural conscious for quite some time. Recently, we schlepped all the way to Times Square (or downstairs, as we like to call it) to put together a little tribute video that expresses just how much the show has changed viewers' lives since 2009.

"Not since Spring Break '99 have you seen that type of partying on television," says one fan. Then, a cheerleader tells us that sporting Snooki's pouf has become a tradition for her squad on competition days. Through fist-pumps, GTL sessions and all those meatball misadventures, it's the simple things that viewers say they'll remember most after the series closes its final chapter tomorrow night. "'Jersey Shore' has brought America to its gorilla knees," one man comments while considering the show's impact. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

+ Check out the video below, tune in to the last episode EVER tomorrow night at 10/9c and share what you'll miss when the show finally goes off the air.

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