Jenelle And Jace Go On A 'Teen Mom 2' Pirate Adventure [Bonus Scene]

Shiver me timbers! The world of "Teen Mom 2" just got a whole lot more exciting. Everyone, meet Jaunty Jace! Jenelle takes her swashbuckler-in-training out for a seafaring adventure in this bonus scene from last night's episode. And this isn't even the first time we've seen the duo walk the plank together--clearly they have a favorite playtime activity!

Captain Jay Hook and Anita-the-Scallywag invite the crew on board for a good ol' fashioned wild goose chase. Jace is all ears as Anita asks him to help find some treasure by hunting down the evil Pirate Pete. It's positively adorable watching the little one mimic all of Anita's movements, like "all hands on deck," where he literally puts his hands on the deck, and "to the lookout deck," where he spies on the open seas (and spots Pirate Pete, who taunts the group from a small inflated boat). However, Pirate Pete was no match for the team, and they promptly take him down with epic water gun skills. Their reward? A treasure chest full of gold pieces and jewels, of course.

Take a look at the heroic scene, in which cutie-pie Jace saves the day!

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