It's Jillian Rose Reed vs. Some Spooky Ghosts In Jack Black's New Web Series

Jillian Rose Reed hits the red carpet in Beverly Hills earlier this year.

She was forced to fend off a crazed killer in MTV's "My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3," and now, Jillian Rose Reed will have to confront horror in a more supernatural way (can this girl catch a break!?). The "Awkward" star is slated to appear in Jack Black's new online series "Ghost Ghirls," according to Celebuzz!, and she'll continue to prove that babysitting in Hollywood is always more trouble than it's worth.

JRR will play a sitter named Lizzy, whose typical night of caring for a few kids (and rummaging through the refrigerator, obviously) turns oh-so-spooky when she hears a noise upstairs. Instead of hiring the reliable Ghost Ghirls to rid the house of its ghastly intruders, though, she'll opt for their competition: The Ghost Bros. So much for gender solidarity. Will her choice be worth it, or leave her at the mercy of a scary specter? Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Be sure to check out "Ghost Ghirls" on Yahoo! Screen next spring!

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Photo: Rob Latour for LE/Splash News