'The Situation' Used To Strip The Night Away Just Like 'Magic Mike' [Bonus Scene]

Hey, everyone's gotta make money, right? For some of us that means using our bodies for the greater good... like "The Situation" used to as a stripper. He reveals the horrors of being a coveted piece of man meat (like being asked to act as a human urinal) in the "Jersey Shorebonus scene below.

"You'd make about a thousand a week for three days," Mike brags about the payout from his life as an exotic dancer. Damn, that is some high-priced grinding! When Pauly D jokes that there were surely men in the audience for Mike's show, the man-with-the-abs is quick to defend himself. "NO! No, no, no. Those people pay a lot of dough... but I never even tried that." Deena, who doesn't seem convinced, shouts, "Yo! Mike was a prostitute!" Let's not jump to conclusions, D. Juuuust because he knows how much a man would pony up for a chance to pee on him ($7,000, in case you're wondering) doesn't mean he actually did it!

But to Snooki, money doesn't matter. "If someone offered me seven Gs to pee on someone, yes, I would. And I would probably do it for free." Sigh, we're really gonna miss these group chats.

Check out the rest of the gang's reactions to Mike's sordid past and don't forget to tune in for the SERIES FINALE, Thursday at 10/9c!

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