Kya's Friends Say Her Relationship With A 'Catfish' Is Sickeningly Sweet [Bonus Scene]

Even before Kya's online-romance with her "Catfish" had proven to be something real and long-lasting, her friends were behind her. Lyndsie and Ashley were with her from the get-go, and Kya's lucky to have such supportive friends. In this bonus scene from the latest episode, the member goes shopping with her pals before meeting Alyx/Dani. At the store, the girls tell Nev that as long as Kya is cautious of what's ahead, they completely back her potential love affair.

"It's one of those really cute relationships that makes you a little bit sick in your stomach," Lyndsie tells Nev in the accompanying clip. At this point, the girls have no idea that Alyx is actually a trans-woman, Dani, with plans for gender-reassignment surgery. Once they find out about Dani-- and that Kya and Dani will stick out the fib in the name of true love--that "little bit sick" might amount to full-blown nausea. Don't aim for the clothes on the racks, though, or you'll have to pay up!

Check out the video below, and tune in to the next all-new "Catfish" Monday night at 11/10c!

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