Vinny Reveals He's Not A Fan Of Gym Nudity On 'Hip Hop Squares' [Sneak Peek]

Wait... are you as confused as we are? If watching the last 6 seasons of "Jersey Shore" taught us anything, it's that Vinny and the rest of MVP definitely love a good birthday suit--at least one that's on a woman. But on the season finale of "Hip Hop Squares", the youngest "Shore" guido reveals that his biggest locker room pet peeve has to do with showing too much skin. Vin has no tolerance for naked bros at the gym, complaining in the clip below, "These guys walk around naked all the time... and I'm like, this is not cool, bro!"

Vinny opens up about a time in particular that ruined his GTL flow, which involved a razor blade and a package...if you catch our drift. Check out the sneak peek to hear the complete story about Vinny's problem with public shaving (hint: It has nothing to do with legs).

See the full season finale on a special double episode of "Hip Hop Squares" tonight starting at 11/10c on MTV2!

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