Kailyn Explains Why Her Breakup With Jordan Was So Hard [Video]

There's no doubt that Kailyn is a strong woman. On "Teen Mom 2" she's raising a son completely on her own at just 19, and is maintaining school and work on top of it. So, the comfort she found in Jordan was hard to let go of, and she elaborates on the breakup in this exclusive interview.

He was someone who accepted every part of her--including Isaac--and that's comforting as a single mom. To meet a guy who not only is okay with your son, but also is wonderful with him? That's a must for any single mom's significant other. "I think it was harder to break up with Jordan because it was more comfortable than anything else," Kailyn says in the clip. And Jo's unsolicited advice made the breakup pill that much harder to swallow. "You can't tell me to be single and then have a girlfriend--you're kind of being a hypocrite," she explains of Jo's reaction to her relationship ending. He might have been a hypocrite, but ultimately breaking things off with Jordan seemed like the right decision, even though it meant Isaac wouldn't have a traditional family structure--at least, not yet.

Take a look at the full interview in the clips below to hear Kail talk more about her breakup, as well as how she handles co-parenting with Jo.

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