'Catfish' Poll: Are You Surprised Kya And Dani Stayed Together?

Well, "Catfish" fans: We finally got a happy ending! Things didn't go exactly as planned for Kya and Alyx (or, as we'd come to know him, Dani), but when their connection was tested, it yielded nothing but love. Both said on separate occasions that appearance wasn't a real issue in their ideal relationships, and their story proved the notion was for real.

As has become the standard for "Catfish" cases, Nev quickly discovered that Alyx--a recent United States transplant from Switzerland--wasn't who he said he was. In fact, Alyx was a female-to-male trans named Dani who'd stolen images from another Facebook user out of fear he wouldn't attract a potential mate as his sincere self. At first, Kya had trouble determining whether being deceived would change how she felt (after all, she'd specifically given Dani a chance to come clean about any secrets), but when she got to California to visit her eight-month-long love, she and Dani hugged for what seemed like an eternity. Clearly they were relieved at the fact that the bond they'd created wasn't fake. Dani came clean about her plans for surgery, but Kya didn't care. As long as their love was sincere, she said, she was all in, and by the time Kya left her boyfriend's arms to head back to Missouri, the relationship in question had been transformed into a full-on couple.

+ What do you think--are you surprised that Kya and Dani stayed together even though Dani had kept his identity secret, or is their story just heartening proof that love is love, no matter what?

Are you surprised Kya and Dani stayed together?

  • Nope. Like they both said, personality is all that matters.
  • Yes, Dani lied about his identity no matter which way you slice it.

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