Is Jenelle Sabotaging Her Potential 'Teen Mom 2' Romance?

It's been a rocky few "Teen Mom 2" episodes for Jenelle, but as of late she's been passing her drug tests and staying out of trouble. Her friend, Marissa, thought that this uptick in behavior meant it would be okay to reintroduce her to guys (these episodes were filmed well before she started dating new husband Courtland Rogers). Marissa thought her friend, Josh, would be perfect for Jenelle, and the two seemingly hit it off from the moment they met.

After going on a few dates, Josh and Jenelle formed an emotional connection. Josh had been on probation in the past, and understood what she was going through. On paper he was perfect: He had a good job, was great with Jace and even vowed to not smoke pot to help keep Jenelle on the wagon.

But doubt started to creep in after Jenelle suddenly experienced a major shift in mood. When she invited Josh over to meet Barbara before a date, things unraveled rapidly. She and Barbara got into a fight, which caused Jenelle to storm out. "That's what happens with bi-polar people," she explained to Josh in the car. "They're happy-happy-happy for a week, and then they go down and they're depressed for days." Josh was understanding, but backed off a bit, telling Jenelle she needed to focus on her and Jace in order to get past this low point.

+ Do you think Jenelle is sabotaging her chance with Josh and using her mood swings as an excuse? Or is Josh right to imply she's not ready for a relationship? Sound off in the comments!

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