Ink Addict In The Making? Kailyn Adds Another Tat To Her Collection [Photo]

Quite a statement! Kailyn Lowry starts on her new tattoo sleeve.

While the fantasy landscape on her back awaits completion, Kailyn from "Teen Mom 2" is wasting no time sharing the tattoo-wealth across her body. Isaac's mom recently alerted fans to her latest ink installment--a dark red collage building up to a rose--and clued us in on her ultimate (and very bold) goal. Soon, her left arm will be a full canvas of many shapes and colors.

"Starting on my sleeve tonight!" Kailyn tweeted, while sending out photos of the project's progress. And we have to say: The design is definitely not subtle! It certainly takes some guts to cover up every inch of skin from shoulder to wrist, but it looks like Kail has to consider a lot of images if she wants to go the whole nine. Will we see an homage to Isaac, or maybe a declaration of love for her new beau? Guess time will tell!

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