The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Puts Fans To The Test On 'Katie' [Video]

The cast poses with Katie Couric.

With only one episode of "Jersey Shore" left, like, EVER, our favorite guidos and guidettes are making the media rounds to discuss the end of the GTL era. On Friday, they appeared on "Katie" to test the trivia skills of two of the show's self-proclaimed biggest fans in a game called "Shore or Not So Shore." How punny!

The fans, YaYa and Nicole, stood at the ready on either side of a duck phone (because, how else would you buzz in?) as the cast quizzed them on their knowledge. The minute Pauly D--who had vid-chatted in from Vegas--started to speak, it was clear this was going to be a vicious fight. YaYa was a force to be reckoned with, taking the first three points without even blinking twice. "YaYa, I would not want to meet you in a dark alley," Katie joked of her aggressive tactics. "I've got slow reflexes--I'm blonde," Nicole said of her inability to get on the board.

By the end, Katie gave both fans a prize for being such good sports: "Jersey Shore" Christmas trees outfitted with "Shore"-themed ornaments (including a mini-Snooki!). Their favorite show may be ending, but at least they'll have a fist-pumpingly fun Christmas!

+ Watch the video below, see if you know as much as these two "Shore"-obsessed fans and don't forget to tune in Thursday at 10/9c for the series finale!

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Photo: @deenanicolemtv on Instagram.

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