Chris Is Not Sympathetic To Deena's Run-In With The Law [Bonus Scene]

If the "Jersey Shore" housemates still think that Chris enables Deena's clingy behavior, he definitely sets the record straight in this bonus scene from last week's episode. The meatball's one-and-only shows her zero pity when she complains about an impending court date. If D's pissed about a hearing interfering with her summer fun, she only has one person to blame, he says: her street-dancing self.

"I'm down the shore. I wanna have a good time," Deena moans about her looming meeting with a judge in the video below. Chris isn't about to support her diverting the blame away from herself, though. If she didn't want to wind up on the wrong side of the law, he tells her, she should have kept herself in check. "Chris, stop trying to be 'words of wisdom' right now," Deena laments about her beau's tough love in an interview. "He always puts me in my place."

Check out the segment, and tune in to the "Jersey Shore" SERIES FINALE this Thursday at 10/9c, followed immediately by the show's first-ever live reunion!

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