Mickey Mouse Gets The 'Jersey Shore' Treatment In New Fan-Made Video

We never considered the commonalities between Disney's main mouse and the "Jersey Shore" cast, but thankfully, a couple of insightful Seaside Heights loyalists have put two and two together. The pair of self-made guidos recently submitted a video in which they match up the letters of the show's name to Mickey's own anthem (think M-I-C, K-E-Y...) and guys, Tinker Bell herself couldn't match its magic. It's the perfect addition to our collection!

"I can't believe it's ova!" one guido announces to the camera as the clip below kicks off. Thankfully, though, he finds a way to project his sorrow into song, and he and his pal start singing to the tune of the old-school Disney classic: "You taught us how to GTL and the shirt-before-the-shirt" they sing. "J-E-R-S-E-Y S-H-O-R-E." And to avoid any confusion with the song's previous version, the guys top off their homage with a solid bit of fist-pumping. Certainly ain't your parents' Mickey!

Check out the rendition and keep up with Remote Control for more fan-submitted clips as the "Jersey Shore" finale nears!


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