That's What You Said...About Leah's Full Plate On 'Teen Mom 2'

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It ain't easy being a teen mom! Already burdened with the pursuit of education while taking care of two little ones, "Teen Mom 2"'s Leah is in the midst of a new relationship with a gentleman named Jeremy. But does she have time to pursue the guy that gives her butterflies while making strides to become a healthcare professional? You certainly had some opinions!

Fans took to Remote Control and Facebook to share their thoughts on whether Leah really could have it all (including a new guy), or if she should take it slow. See what viewers said, and let us know where you stand!

Remote Control:

"Everyone has a different way with grieving and moving on from things, and I think Leah is doing just fine. It's really no one else's business what she does with her time." -- Missy

"I'm sure regardless of what happens, she will come out better and stronger for it. Leah has always put her kids first, and has guided her decisions on that." -- MiniMeMiniHim

"It's her life. As long as she stays a great mom, she will be fine." -- Traci


"She and Corey just got divorced. She should at least take some time to focus on herself and her children and not jump right into another relationship." -- Kelly C.

"Leah is an amazing mother and person. She deserves the utmost respect and I am glad to see her move on and be happy!" -- Kaitlyn F.

"I think she's moving a little bit too fast--she should be single for a while and focus on school." -- Kay-Ann F.

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