MTV Twitter Roundup: Snooki's Crapper Wishes You A Happy Holiday

Making his list, checking it twice and PUTTING DOWN THE SEAT IF HE KNOWS WHAT'S GOOD FOR HIM.

Deck the halls, trim the tree and make sure your sh***er bears an uncanny resemblance to St. Nick! Yup, these are the holiday traditions Snooki and Jionni are forging for their new family, according to Snooki's recent tweet. And we have to say--if our toilet looked like that, we wouldn't need old magazines to stay entertained. How jolly!

Heidi Montag and Farrah Abraham also took their Christmas spirit online this week. Heids professed her love for her hubby (and fellow X-mas tree connoisseur) to her followers, while Farrah found hilarity in little Sophia's observations about Santa's expanding waistline (the kid's got a point...). And in the spirit of togetherness, it looks like Laurel and Paula have put their beef behind them. Too bad Devyn from "The Challenge" didn't have the same cooperativeness with her long-distance provider.

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