Diem Brown Stands Tall, Bald And Proud [Video]

Diem Brown proudly sports a bald head.

In 2006, in what was possibly the most resonant moment "The Challenge" has ever produced, Diem Brown, a woman who'd lost her hair while battling cancer, tore off her wig during an early "Duel" mission, bravely tossed it to the wayside revealing only a dusting of regrown locks and ultimately came out on top as the day's winner. Evan Starkman recalled the experience as a "straight-up inspiration" during the episode, and now that Diem is undergoing chemotherapy once more, we remember why six years weren't enough to strike the moment from our memories. Diem is now completely bald and has revealed her "Mr. Clean" look for the first time in a photo shoot for People. What's been captured is stunning in every sense.

"I wanted to kind of give images of strength, of beauty...of owning the new you," Diem says in the video below, which she taped before the photo shoot that finalized her mini-documentary of hair loss. She later wrote for a People article that she was glad to have had the chance to be vulnerable, but that the isolated task of exposing her head was especially trying. "My hands fiddling like a mad woman, I started caressing my chemo cap while chanting in my head, 'Just do it--come on, you baby...just do it!'" she wrote. "And with a flick, my cap was off and I was no longer able to hold back my welled-up tears."

"Whatever event you might have coming up: Do it! Go for it!" she advised at the end of her entry. "Don't let your insecurities hold you back. We all have them and we all have the ability to push those insecurities to the ground and stomp them out."

+ Check out the clip below, take a look back at our survivor special that Diem hosted and share your thoughts about her brave statement.

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Photos: Scott Gries/People.com