Who's Ready For A Desert Marathon On 'The Challenge' Finale? [Sneak Peek]

We can think of few things less enticing than being told to run for miles in a hot, sandy wasteland. "Here we go--a big ol' run across the African desert. This is gonna be hell," Dustin says in this sneak peek from Wednesday's "BOTS" finale. Yeah, no kidding. Have you ever tried sprinting while your feet sink in the sand? Not the most fun way to spend an afternoon.

Even though they've pulled out all the stops this season--dunk tanks, evil jungle gyms, spelling bees--sometimes a simple distance run is the toughest, both physically and mentally. Not surprisingly, out of the gate (or off the plane, if you want to get technical) Devyn and Sam are struggling. "I'm not an endurance runner, sorry. I'll work on it for the next one," Sam complains about San Diego's usual anger at her lack of performance. As for Devyn...well she's in a bit more of a pickle--she can't even feel the extremities that are supposed to be carrying her along the race. "One of our teammates can't feel her feet in the desert? Yeah, I'd say we're off to a pretty bad start." Oh Chet, your sarcasm always delights. Looks like Team Brooklyn could use a Devyn-bjorn.

+ Check out the competitors trying to beat the heat in the clip below, and cast your vote for who you think will be this season's "BOTS" champion!

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