Snooki Rates Mike's Stripping Skills A Zero-Point-Zero [Video]

They begged, and begged, and begged some more. And eventually, on tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore," "The Situation" relented. Yes, he would strip for his housemates, and finally show them why he's the sexy beast of choice for all the world's cougars. Yet, after a few private practice runs and suiting up in threads more reminiscent of "Rocky" than "Magic Mike," he underwhelmed the crowd with an awkward fist pump/push-up/lap dance hybrid devoid of any rhythm. At least there were bubbles.

While JWOWW, the senseless victim of Mike's porno-meets-cheerleading move shown above, could not attend our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-up" shoot, Snooki, Ronnie and Vinny were rather forthcoming when asked by host Kenny Santucci to rate their friend's dancing effort. "Mike was a zero, he sucked," says Snooks in the clip below. "It was bad." Vin and Ron are on the same page, not surprisingly, comparing the poor kid to a noodle, a flag blowing in the wind and--best of all--"a wacky wave balloon guy." So much for Vito Dorado.

+ Check out the video, and tell us what YOU thought of Mike's stripping skills!

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