'Jersey Shore' Poll: Have Sam And Ron Kissed Their Troubles Goodbye?

The stormy SamRon seas we've come to expect have settled into calmer waters--and guys? IT'S FREAKING US OUT! Talk of kids? Plans to get a place together? This is not the contentious "Jersey Shore" couple we've come to love/hate, but everyone's gotta grow up at some point, and it seems even Sam and Ron are tired of fighting these days. "We finally have a connection together where it's a feeling of comfortableness," Ron said about his changed relationship on tonight's episode. Proof? No more letting Sam win mini-golf. That, friends, says it all.

"[We] definitely came a long way from the first season," Ronnie tells Kenny Santucci in the "Jersey Shore Hook-up" clip below as he looks back on his roller coaster love story. "We had a lot of pride, and every little thing bothered us...If I said blue, she's like 'f*** you! You should have said red!'" he adds. "We definitely compromise a lot more now."

Snooki and Vinny, former skeptics of the couple, attest to the fact that they have transformed for the better, and give heaps of credit to Sam, especially, for chilling the f*** out during Summer 2012.

"Sam's fun now--not as bitchy," Snooki says. "She's awesome!"

+ Tell us what you think! Are Sam and Ron finally in a grown-up relationship, or is it only a matter of time before they fall back into their destructive habits?

Have Sam and Ron kissed their troubles goodbye?

  • Yes! Looks like they're finally in a functional relationship.
  • Nope, their relationship is cyclical, and the next big blowup will come.

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