Snoop Shows Off His Cereal Knowledge On 'The DUB Magazine Project' [Sneak Peek]

On the season finale of "The DUB Magazine Project," the artist formerly known as Snoop D-O-Double-Gizzle will share much more than his love of cars. In this sneak peekSnoop Lion gives us a taste of his favorite snacks, too! And we know this is serious information, because Snoop is, ahem, kind of an expert on...snacking.

The self-proclaimed kid says that when it comes to food, his cravings consist of nothing but sweets."I can eat cereal and ice cream all day, every day," he says, cracking his customary devious smile. That's some serious dedication!

Regardless of whether or not the rap legend's infamous love of Mary Jane causes his munchies, he sure knows his way around the cereal aisle. Check out the clip below and see for yourself--the guy breaks down every breakfast brand in the book as if he were Tony the Tiger himself. And don't forget to watch "The DUB Magazine Project" finale this Sunday at 1/12c...while eating a big ol' bowl of Lucky Charms, of course.

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