Congrats, Horse! 'numbNuts' Cast Member Named Break's Man Of The Year

As each year comes to a close, we're smacked with a barrage of "best of" lists. And while some things get lost in the year-end shuffle, one recently stood out to's 2012 Man of the Year. The site decided to recognize the guy with the balls of steel--our very own "numbNuts" stunt master, Horse. Congrats are in order!

Contrary to the MTV2 show title, the H-man's nuts are never numb--despite how many blows they take--earning him the top spot. "Hells Yeah!" the daredevil proudly tweeted when he heard the news. "Just got named Man of the Year! by @Breakcom."

In a 6-minute (yes, 6 minutes of testicular torture) homage video to the "King of the Nutshots," the humor site credits the Internet legend's "indestructible testes" for earning such a distinguished honor. Relive the ball-busting journey it took to get him there, from Horse's first cringe-worthy encounter with brother Billy right up to his balls-to-the-wall debut on MTV.

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