Vinny Guadagnino Takes Over NY Knicks' Twitter


Vinny shoots some hoops at the Jersey Shore.

It was all love and basketball last night for Vinny Guadagnino, as the "Jersey Shore" cast member took over the New York Knicks' Twitter account and--intentionally or not--made known his man crush for basketball champ Jason Kidd. (Watch out Pauly D--we smell a new bromance brewing!) The NBA franchise invited Vin to highlight the game's plays using the hashtag #VinnyTakeOver, and veteran baller Kidd was the main topic at hand. "Jason Kidd is the most resourceful player in the NBA. He just does smart things," Vin gushed.

The longtime Knicks supporter has been a loyal fan of the powerhouse team for years. Throughout the night, Vinny showed off his knowledge of the sport, tweeting real-time commentary while keeping a close eye on Kidd, who hit a 3-point game changer! By evening's end, the Knicks made out with a 100-97 win over the Brooklyn Nets. Hey-O!

+ Check out more of Vinny's exciting play-by-play, and rate his sports commentating skills!

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Photo: Splash News