Asher Roth Hits The Sauce On 'Hip Hop Squares' [Bonus Scene]

It's common for celebrities on "Hip Hop Squares" to spew comedic genius during the game, and we may have figured out the secret to their clever quips. The stars are allowed to hit the sauce backstage! Rapper Asher Roth reveals to us in this bonus scene that the producers are "very accommodating" because they provide a behind-the-scenes happy hour for the talent, prior to the show.

Roth, who's on brewski #4 during the festivities, has a message for all of our 21+ readers: "Beer is good for you." The spring break anthem singer then stresses, "in moderation, even in moderation, in moderation." MTV's "Jersey Shore" crew can attest to that advice.

+ Can you guess what the Philly native's beverage of choice is in the clip below? Check it out, and don't forget to catch new episodes of "Hip Hop Squares" Tuesday nights on MTV2 at 11/10c.

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