Nev And Max Attend The World's Creepiest Carnival On 'Catfish' [Bonus Scene]

Though Georgia wins the blue ribbon for peaches, it could barely snag a participation trophy for its carnivals--at least, judging by the one Nev and Max visit in the bonus scene below. While taking a break from helping Jarrod get to the bottom of his confusing "Catfish" story (hey, even online sleuths need some time to relax!), the guys stop by a small-town fair to have a little fun. But they quickly find it to be more "Something Wicked This Way Comes" than a happy-go-lucky event. Did they stumble into a haunted house by accident?

"This is the creepiest carnival I've ever been to," Nev tells the camera in view of an illuminated Ferris wheel. "There's no music, no laughter." The fact that there isn't a single tune in the whole place--not even around the carousel--really freaks out the two-man team. So, they decide to take matters into their own hands and film a quickie docu-flick--to the tune of "Blast Off" by Nicki Blitz--featuring fluorescent lights as headgear. Good thing there's some comfort food in arms' reach--check out the clip for some amusement park eeriness...and funnel cake!

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